Death Has Forgotten Me

by Incited

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released November 3, 2015

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Daniel Colombo at Iceman Studios, West Palm Beach, FL.



all rights reserved


Incited Florida

South Florida Hardcore

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Track Name: Death Has Forgotten Me
Track 1. Death Has Forgotten Me

This mental prison
These thoughts are gripping at my soul
This indecision
How will I replace the peace you stole?

Now you lay me down to sleep
As the reaper waits stalking at my feet I pray
Where's my solution? Before you bring me death tell these demons to let me sleep

Tell these demons to let me sleep
As the reaper waits, stalking down on me

Death's forgotten me
The flames rage, burning in death's eyes, as I sweat, thinking back on life
Destroyed everything I've ever dreamed. Why am I still rotting? Deaths forgotten me.

Deaths forgotten me
As the reaper sits, laughing at my grief

The hands of death control the hands of time and as the mourning ticks away, I lose my soul.
Track Name: Dead Poetry
Track 2. Dead Poetry

I trusted everything that you ever had to say
But bridges burn as the pages turn when the seasons bring decay

What once was beautiful, now lying in the waste
Love killed with poisoning and the poets lost their faith

Now look me in my eyes.
Tell me how you feel so justified when you left me judged and crucified.
How dare you?

Now I question everything that you ever had to say.
The page is turned and the lesson's learned so just stay the fuck away

This disconnect just took your place
There's nothing left but your disgrace
This disconnect is changing me and I won't come back
There's nothing left for us I see now it's all turned black
Just the memories that are now all so fake.
Track Name: In The Grips
Track 3. In the Grips

Sunken. This is my abyss. Digging deep holding these clenched fists.
Danger. Shadows follow me. Bringing all of hell with the devil's reach.

Pick up the pieces left and try to start again
I've seen the emptiness but I'm never wearing thin

You will never satisfy your hold
Outrun this deadly reach while fighting for this soul

Climbing. I don't need the peak. Just focus on what's next and extend my reach.
Freedom. All I ever seek. Get me through the gates to hear the angels speak

But still the hatred
creeps on me
The hands of torment are always gripping at my feet

I won't please you. I won't die.
I don't need you. I won't hear your lie.

But still the hatred
creeps on me
The hands of torment are always gripping at my feet
It's the devil's reach
Track Name: The Lie Is Dead
Track 4. The Lie is Dead

There's no acceptance, there's no satisfaction owed.
Stuck like a prisoner just frozen in this mold
I can't live free with all this madness
Anger. This blood's no longer cold.
Delusion. Your comfort's getting bold.
Tangled. The serpents have you tied.
Darkness. Erased the day you died.
Fuck. I should probably walk away before I welcome this dark place. But I'm not the idle one and I can't just be displaced.
As this cold world turns
We don't fucking learn
We just suffer and next we're gonna burn
My skin is crawling and my blood's beginning boil
When did the world I love change face and turn so cold?
I see the nightmares
I see the love unfold
I fear the madness
Fear doing what we're told
There's no peace, no love, no heart and no soul. I watch humanity continue burning us all.
No peace, no love, no heart and no soul.
I can't just watch humanity burning us all.