Year of Filth

by Incited

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released March 17, 2017

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Daniel Colombo @ Iceman Studios - West Palm Beach, FL



all rights reserved


Incited Florida

South Florida Hardcore

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Track Name: Year of Filth
I'm done with society
I'm drawing out my line
No laws. No masters.
No more taking the bait
I'm fighting for something more
My life. My time.
Living in a world with strong contempt
Nothing sacred. Nothing safe. This is the death of innocence. The decay of mankind. The end of days. This is the year of filth
No fucking patience left in me
Cheat death and resurrect a life
But then awaken to grief so deep
Break free, a phrase I keep
but generations aren't agreed
Break free from this social grip
while the media plants their seeds
I'll fight control
Break free. No hold.
No lies.
No serpent's eyes.
No deception.
No Control (I'll fight control)
Break ties.
Break the system's guise.
Break perception.
Break it all. (Break free. No hold.)
Hey. Hey.
Are you there?
Are you listening?
Are you willing to save your soul?
Fuck the cops
Fuck the CNN's
Fuck the banks and what we're sold
Fuck your trends
Fuck your church
Fuck your god
Fuck everything they control
Break free. No hold.
Don't want your fucked society.
Track Name: Don't Dare Tread On Me
Give me life
Let me smile
Give me liberty
Think twice before you ever dare to tread on me
No death
No chains
No martial law
No heresy
For my freedom I'll defy all that's imposed on me
No. This is never over
No. This is not pretend
Go. I'm a freedom soldier
Go. I won't struggle to defend
What's mine as birth defines but these crooked fucks want to keep walking that line. Test me and my love for mine and as the Justice seeps they will reap what they sew in time. Go.
Don't dare tread on me
Don't dare tread on me
Track Name: The Snake and the Pig
Dark clouds are all I see
A snake and a pig looking down on me
Are we really free
The chosen of the people are deceit and greed?
Burn them to the ground
What's it gonna take?
We've witnessed all we can and it's time we finally break
Choked up from eating lies
We the fucking people need to open up our eyes
Tear this system down
Your world will never break me
Fed up, and I can't take it
Your world will never bring us down
We don't accept the choice you gave us
Really? A lying snake. Fucking fence walker, she's a sellout fake.
So what's left? Look to the right. A racist, sexist pig is all there is in sight.
Burn them to the ground
Tear this system down
Are you kidding me?
A snake and a pig for the presidency?
I can't believe what I see
Home of the slaves with this mockery
Track Name: Dear America,
What made you sell your soul?
Look what you've become
The tyrants won
200 hundred years and you hold the smoking gun
Tell me, where has your beauty gone?
Where have you gone our lady liberty?
One nation under righteous scrutiny
Privatize all of the publics needs
As your children choke on suffering
But you sold your soul
For what price did the demons bribe your fall
Does it even matter?
I'm a bastard child
Born into misery
A world run by greed
And a system that is failing me
What made you sell your soul?
Track Name: Precipice
So tired of running circles, so sick of left and right, no more watching our decline.
I can't take misinformation, so sick of black and white, no more living in these times
This is your life defined
Your choice, decide.
Get up and face your evil. Get up and fucking fight. Face mirrors, self deceiving. Fight your comfort and face the truth inside.
No more social subdividing.
No more drowning in political lies.
No more allowance of weak constitutions
No more tolerance for what we all despise
No more.
No more.
No more falling short of reason
We're calling out their treason
I see a world where everyone is free
Calling them out with no bereavement
I'm yelling and in screaming
And I will fight for a just humanity.