Bury Dead Weight

by Incited

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released October 13, 2013

Recorded / Mixed / Mastered by Dan Colombo at Iceman Studios in West Palm Beach, Florida.



all rights reserved


Incited Florida

South Florida Hardcore

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Track Name: The Disconnect
I'm going out to burn some bridges
so don't get in my way
I've got a rage building up inside me
And it's here to stay

I'm not too big on fucked opinions
So keep yours away
I've had enough compromising
And patience displayed

You'll watch my eyes burn
Before you have your way
My contempt for your well being
Is gonna mark your wake

My eyes burn

Not too big on fucked opinions
So keep yours away
I've had enough compromising
Fuck the human race
Track Name: The Racist (Ft. Billy Hart of Old Habits)
Remember how we used to be such good friends
I thought we shared a purpose
But then you made your claims and threw this all in
Truth to the surface

I can't stomach one more word that you say
You run your mouth and all I hear is disgrace
Your talk is cheap and your convictions are lame
My ears are tired from your mouth full of shame

So die. Knowing its too late
Don't try. You've sealed your fate
Stuck in ignorance

I can't tolerate
Listening to all the things you hate
Your mouth, spitting like a loaded gun
Striking innocence one by one

Spare me the headache
Spare me the speech
You've shown your true colors and I can't relate
Spreading poison every time you speak
Unload my fist upon your "tongue and cheek"

Your mouth is moving and your words are cold
I've had enough of this its gotten old
Can't stand your ignorance I'll see that it dies
Unloading fists until the blood runs dry

Until the blood runs dry
Track Name: The Counterfeit
Can't take the lies you breathe

You say that it's not you
The things I put you through
Hurt your family, what the fuck would make you think that's true

You've broken every rule
You've played me for a fool
Take your whining somewhere else because I'm done with you

You caught me off my guard
Force a fork in the road
But you played your part
So get me outta here

Take a look and see who's empty inside
You've cut off everything and boosted your pride
You think your motivation's justified
But you're the one who's getting left behind

So get me outta here

Life lessons come but I'm staying true
Make your excuses when I'm coming for you

You'll learn
Track Name: The Dealer
I know what you do
What you drag them through
You peddle filth and make a man lose his brains

I hate scum like you
You break a man in two
You're like a parasite, while their soul is drained

You're up too no good
You're feeding off a disease
I really wish you would step to me

You prey on misery
Keep taking from the weak
Your intentions only profit from pain

Nothing pure or true
Lifestyle you pursue
You're lying shameless and you hold all the blame

Keep taking and building your crown
I'm coming through and breaking it down
You build an empire on a mountain of pain
You're lying shameless and you hold all the blame

What's so great about your drug dealing life?
They're slowly fading away
You'll never know, they'll never show
the weaknesses that dwell within
Track Name: The Loathing
Wage War
Wage War
Wage war inside the person you hate

Destroy until you've cleared the dead weight

Bury dead weight
Refuse your fate
Carry on
Destroy the world
Make sure all is dead that's wrong